Who I Am 

The adventure that has been working in the laser industry started in 2013. Standing front and center at a Zedd concert, I was captivated by the sights and sounds, immediately knowing that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Creating shows is my passion and I couldn’t be happier than I am when at the controls.

What I Do 

Since that day, I’ve grown to become one of the most trusted laser designers America. With experience working with a full range clientele; festivals, art pieces, commercials, and film, my pallette of creativity has rocked the whole spectrum. I’ll show up to your event with the punctuality, ideas, and skills that you need to turn an audience into a crowd. 

How I Do It 

To give your audience a fully dynamic show, I use Pangolin Beyond, the industry standard for laser control. I have also extensively custom mapped my controllers and tweaked my workspace with all custom cues to design shows that no one else can provide. 


Los Angeles, CA
(661) 753-4442